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A perfect hairdresser’s armchair

There aren’t unnecessary elements in a hair salon. Everything has the influence on customer’s mood but on the most important thing is an armchair. Client spends most time there and he makes him opinion about your salon.

That surely the most significant furniture isn’t easy to buy because there are a lot of different kinds, models and functions. Another point is issue of aesthetic.

Which armchair will be perfect for you?

A pump

Each hairdresser’s armchair has to have a height regulation. You can have it using a gassy or hydraulic pump. Both of them let you get the same result but in the different way. A gassy pomp demand to settle a chair and usher a client. A hydraulic pump lets you settle chair’s height without standing up. That kind of pump is incomparable more comfortable for customer.

hairdressing armchair

How the ideal looks like?

No matter which technologies is an armchair possessed with, they have to be verified and solid because the furniture has to last for almost some years. That’s why you should pay attention on the company’s renown because it’s the best guarantee of a quality.

Armchair has to be aesthetic and matched to the interior’s style. One of most important things is a kind of covering. If you choose the cheap material, it won’t look well and it will be destroyed soon.

Remaining issues

In practice there are a lot of little things. One of them is the weight of all armchair and the fact which wheels it’s set because it have influence on that’s mobility.


Tom Wootton