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Hair salon from your dreams

Clients simply love visiting hairdresser’s, as usually it is a real pleasure for them. But of course, as you may notice, some hair salons are more popular than the others. What is the reason for such situation? Well, the first thing is certainly the talent of the hairdresser. We all want to be in the hands of professionals, who have appropriate skills and know exactly what hairdo or haircut will be perfect for us. But there is one more thing that influence the clients, and this is the interior design of your hair salon.

Think about the design

Everyone likes different things, and that is also true when it comes to the interior design. You may have your own sense of style, but you need to remember that not all your clients have to appreciate it. So, while considering various options, think carefully about the design of every single space in your hair salon. It may take you some time, but at the end you will be sure that the final effect is exactly as it should be.

The waiting room – why is it so important?

Unfortunately, many hairdressers who start their own businesses, concentrate mainly on the space where they deal with their clients directly. They seem to forget how important the waiting room is. But this is the first thing that your clients see after they enter the hair salon, and regardless what anyone says – first impression really matters! If they see the space which is neglected or not pleasant for clients, they will leave immediately with no intention to ever come back. So don’t make such a mistake and prepare your waiting room with a good care.

waiting area in hair salon

Waiting room’s design – what you should remember about?

As you may know, colours can influence our mood, so it is very important to choose those which will let your clients to relax and calm down. The best options here are so called “warm colours”, such as beige, peach or green.

Another thing that you should remember about is the hairdressing salon furniture. It is a very important matter, as every piece of furniture in the waiting room needs to be comfortable and suit the style of the whole room. Today you can choose from large selection of various models, so there should be no problem with finding something appropriate. 

But what kind of furniture should waiting room be equipped with? Some people choose chairs before sofas, as they are more practical, but you need to think about what your clients will really appreciate. Sofas are definitely more comfortable and they simply look better. Of course, there should also be a small coffee table, so you can put there some magazines for your clients to enjoy while waiting.


Elizabeth Ball