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Hairdressing furniture – what to remember about?

Opening your own hair salon is a very important moment in every hairdresser’s life. But before you may start to serve your clients, you need to put some effort into designing your hair salon. It should be a good combination of something original, but at the same classy, so all your clients will feel comfortable there. It is not an easy task, but the final effect is worth trying. 

One of the most important things, while designing the saloAn is hairdressing furniture. Every single piece of it should match the style of the whole space, so you need to be careful when you choose particular models of chairs, wardrobes of sofas.

Hairdressing chairs

Buying the ideal chairs may not be very easy, especially that there are thousands of various models available on the market right now. Of course, the first step is to the decide what colours will be the best, as they need to match the style of the whole salon. However, many producers offer us the possibility to order any model of the chair in the chosen colour.

Another thing is of course the comfort of such chair. We need to remember that clients spend some time in one place, so the chair needs to be cozy and help them relax when the hairdresser is working on their hairdo or haircut. Do not try to save money on some cheap hairdressing chairs, as in the end you can lose. Always buy furniture from reputable producers that can guarantee good quality of such chairs.

Hairdressing stools

However, the comfort of the client is not the only important thing, as the hairdresser should also have all necessary facilities to work with pleasure. And the hairdressing stool is for sure one of such pieces of furniture which can guarantee that. 

furnitures in the waiting room

But what are the features of a really good stool for the hair salon? First of all, of course it needs to be mobile, so it should be equipped with durable wheels. Its height should also be adjustable, so you may work comfortably on any clients’ hair. Another thing is that the stool needs to be properly shaped, so sitting on it, even for longer periods of time won’t cause backaches. There are even stools with the back rest for those hairdressers who appreciate such solutions.

Furniture in the waiting rooms

Apart from the chairs and stools, every hair salon’s owner, should put some effort into choosing the right furniture for the waiting room. Remember that your clients often spend some time in there, so make sure that they can relax on the comfortable sofa or armchair. They should feel spoiled from the very moment they enter your hair salon.


Sarah Hewett