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Choosing the right furniture for your hair salon

Interior design can affect our mood and opinion about the whole place, and that is why so many business owner’s concentrate on that matter. It is true also in the case of hair salons, which should attract the clients not only with the skilled hairdressers, but also with a pleasant look. The first impression really matters, so you need to take some time and effort to create a unique place, where people can get a great haircut and simply relax. But how to do it? Start with choosing the right furniture for your hair salon.

Waiting room

Waiting room is the first fragment of the hair salon that the customers see. That is why you need to make sure, that it looks great and allows people to comfortably wait for their turn. The reception is quite important element of such space. It should be located in such place, that it will be visible from the moment the person gets into the salon. It doesn’t need to be very big, but it should be really neat and elegant.

Another important part of every waiting room is the furniture that customers can sit on. You may choose chairs, which seem to be more practical, but most people prefer to relax on comfortable sofa or armchair. Today you can choose from the great number of sofas in many various styles, colours and shapes, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem to find something ideal for waiting room.

hairdressing armchair

Hairdressing armchairs

As you already know the comfort of the clients is the most relevant matter while designing the hair salon. That is why, you should think twice before choosing the hairdressing armchair. This is a furniture on which your clients often undergo metamorphosis, so make sure that they will be completely satisfied with your work. If the armchair is not comfortable, it may influence the opinion on the hairdresser and the whole salon. So don’t even try to save money and buy some cheap furniture of that kind. In the end the investment in such equipment will pay off. 

Hairdressing stools

The satisfaction of the client is essential, but to do his or her work perfectly, also the hairdresser must have appropriate conditions of fulfilling their expectations. That is why, choosing the right hairdressing stool should also be a priority. Thanks to that small piece of furniture, the hairdresser can do the job comfortably. A good stool should have durable wheels and adjustable height, but it also should have a proper shape, so it won’t cause any problems with the spine. As in case of any other piece of furniture for the hair salons, there are many various models of hairdressing stools, that will be perfect for any interior.


Tom Wootton