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The hair oil – characteristic and kinds

Putting the oil  on the hair without washing out will provide well nutrition and prevent losing hair. It’s also good for people who are greying prematurely. However, there aren’t all benefits. The oil doesn’t make hair greasy so everyone can use it. We’ll suggest, what kind of the oil you should choose.


It’s the oil full of vitamins including A, E, and D which make the hair stronger. It’s suggested for people who have the hair less susceptible to damage. The oil makes the hair grow strong and healthily. Using it regular helps to protect the hair.


It’s a readily product which you can buy in every chemist. Precious characteristics of that oil make it being appreciated by hairdressers who decide to use cosmetics with additions of it. It has a lot of vitamin E which makes the hair shining and smooth. It’s also rich in antibacterial unions which protect from infections and remove the dandruff.


It’s the oil which comes from an African continent and it has a lot of advantages which make it proper for our hair. It is full of omega acids and vitamins which regenerate hair. Antioxidants implicated in the oil protects the hair from damages.



Olive oil is dedicated for head skin care. Rubbing it in the skin can make the hair stronger and remove a trouble of dandruff. Head massage with addition of olive oil will improve circulation and fight the infections.


It’s an antibacterial oil which will successfully fight all fungal and bacterial infections on the skin. Tea-tree oil is also a good addition when you trying to remove dandruff or prevent greasy hair. You can add it to shampoo or put on hair directly. It’ll make it fresh for a long time.


It’s benefaction for grey hair. If it’s using regular it could bring the colour of hair back. It’s not only a great conditioner but also measure which will boost the hair to grow stronger and look healthier. Therefore, it’s really worth to decide to support your hair in that way.

Sarah Hewett