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Hair salon’s reception arrangement

The first impression is very important in every life area, also when we go to a hairdresser. When the hair salons are concerned, the meaning of the first impression is unusually significant, because it’s an element which determines customer’s opinion about that place.

The base of opinion is the effect of service but it could be changed by the first impression. You can land in a light salon, where you will be welcomed friendly in well-designed reception and spend a little of time in a nice waiting room with a hanger for your clothes. But you can also land in a huge, scrappy place where no one welcomes you and you have to look for a chair to seat and keep your coat on your knees. If it happens, you won’t like that place and the only guilty person will be the salon’s owner.

The meaning of welcoming

The welcoming has the hugest influence on the customer’s first impression. It’s important in big and small salons. When you come to hair salon you should meet nice smiling receptionist who will welcome you and ask about aim of your visit. He should lead you to the waiting room or on hairdresser’s armchair.


The reception represents a hair salon and it has a huge influence on customer’s opinion. You can’t marginalize it and you have to be sure that your client feels comfortably in your salon.

Arrangement of reception

Nice welcoming isn’t the only important point. You also have to care how reception looks like. In practice, usually there are three lines of functional and tidy reception. The first is based on cubism and minimalism with an accent on space’s ergonomics and it’s functional aspects. The second is electric and baroque – it grants permission to trumpery and home-grown character of interior. The last line is strongly based on Dada, colorful, cheerful, and almost chaotic. There are arcs instead of right angles and ellipsis instead of rectangles. 

Tom Wootton