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The functional waiting room in the hair salon

The clients of hair salons form the opinions about them on the basis of two major things. First of all, they evaluate the hairdresser and his or her skills. But besides that they pay attention to the interior design of the whole place. That is why, every person who wants to open a hair salon, should carefully think about its design, as it seems to be really important for the clients.

And the first space that every person who enters the salon sees is the waiting room, so you can’t underestimate it. What is more, you should really concentrate on making it look nice, as it will encourage even greater number of people to come in and schedule the appointment. But what to start with?

The colour of the walls

There is no doubt that colour surrounding us influence the way we feel. That is why we usually use different colours to paint the rooms where we work and those where we want to relax. When it comes to the waiting room, you should definitely choose some warm colours, that make people calmer and more relaxed, such as yellow, peach, beige or even green. Of course, you may mix the shades, but always make sure that they match each other and the style of the whole place.

The reception

Everyone who comes to the particular hair salon for the first time, wants to receive some information. That is why, the reception should be located in the central place of the waiting room. Thanks to that, after entering the hair salon, they will know exactly where to go. As in the case of any other element of the hair salon, the reception should also match the style of it. That piece of furniture needs to be aesthetic and neat, as in some way it represents the salon, its owner and people working in there.

waiting room in the hair salon furniture

The furniture

Nobody likes to wait, but unfortunately our clients sometimes come too early or we have a delay, and they need to sit for a while in the waiting room. We need to make sure that they will enjoy that time and not get annoyed by such situation.

The most important part of every waiting room is a comfortable sofa. It doesn’t even have to be huge, but it needs to be cozy and make the clients feel really relaxed. If there is enough room, you should also consider buying some armchairs in the same style and colour. Of course, if the space is really small, you may also choose simple chairs, but they won’t give people sitting in them much comfort.

Last but not least, think of buying a small coffee table, where you can put some magazines or even books for your clients. That way they will be entertained while waiting.


Elizabeth Ball