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Which equipment should be placed in a professional hair salon?

Two the most important points are very important in a hair salon. It’s about keeping the clearness and the quality of the equipment which is placed in the salon. Old furniture, destroyed accoutrement and out-of-date design will drive out all the customers in the beginning and it will be a huge success to find anyone who want to use your service.

Hairdresser’s products, standpoints, furniture

If you want to run hair salon you have to do it fully professional and properly. It means that you have to invest but it’s cost-effective. Of course you need also a skillful hairdresser and the high quality of service. You also can’t forget that the best customer is a customer who comes back. It’s easy to talk somebody into one visit but if you don’t have professional accessory or hair washer and hairdryer, he won’t come back to your salon. That elements are necessary to provide client’s contentment.

hairdresser's consoles

Hairdresser’s stool and armchair – care about the standard

Of course the appeal is important, but equipment can’t only looks good. It has to be also functional. The most important are hairdresser’s armchairs which have to provide the comfort for the customers. The quality has to be high to make the intensive  exploitation safe. Armrests are very useful during the long work with a customer because they provide him convenience. Armchair should also be possessed with a footrest and it should be regulated. You also have to care about stability of furniture which can be provided by a proper base and weight.

It’s also important to care about a waiting room in a hair salon.

Sarah Hewett